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Information about the Campsite 2019

The 2019 Circleway Camp takes place in Niedersachsen (lower saxony)!

This year, we are camping on the grounds of Gut Steimke, in the beautiful nature of the Weserbergland, near Göttingen..

You will receive more detailed information in the registration confirmation!


Please only bring eco products on the camp site
So please make sure that your shampoo, soap, shower gel and the like are biodegradable. Only these may be used!

Please bring along your own dishes, stoves, etc. Breakfast and dinner will be organized together in your clans. There will be a hot lunch available during the main camp time and it is included in the price!

Please bring your own tents, mattress, sleeping bags, flashlights, seat pad, bathing suits.

For our children and for all of us, we are happy if you also bring along:
games, musical instruments, crafts materials, colors and paper for painting, make-up and body colors, soft balls and pillows (for pillow fights) and everything that is fun and enjoyable!


Our camp is alcohol and drug free!
Please leave your dogs at home!



Fire & Childs


Ellika und Manitonquat


Tippi im Aufbau


In der Jurte

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