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Registration/Participant Contribution

Starting april 27th you find registration forms and
participant-contributions for this years camp


Flyer Circlewaycamp 2016 / (will follow)  german version   
Flyer Circlewaycamp 2016 english Version will follow  



Early-bird-price applies until the 5th of May /
Regular rate is available up to the 16th of June 2017

Participant-Contribution Circleway-Camp 2017


One aim of our camp is to build sustainable and supportive relationships four the time after camp at home. By doing so, we can take a part of the camp with us back home, maybe continue the listeningexchange (counseling) - face to face or at the phone – and start circles with the talking stick. This works the best, when we have a network to feel connected with.

After many years of unlimited possibilities to arrive and leave camp, we want
to bring in more calmness and continuousness for the processes - and the work with it - in the clans, which surely will strengthen our connection. Besides that, it is also of great importance for us, to keep the organisational efford as little as possible.

That´s why in this year you have two different possibilities of time to choose
between, Either the whole Camp or the 1st or 2nd half (including pre- & postcamp)

This year, we will prefer people that want to come the whole time.
For the 5–day–participants there is a limited amount of places reserved. It is
possible to come in the first or in the second half, that is either
from 22th-28th of july or from 29th of july - 4th of august.

For everyone this year it is really important only to come, if you already booked your stay and got our bookingconfirmation AND if you already have transferred your participation fee. For all those who couldn't decide until the 14th of july, there is the possibility to call us and to ask whether it is still possible to participate.



Fire & Childs


Ellika und Manitonquat


Tippi im Aufbau


In der Jurte

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